Coin Collection Experts
in DeKalb, IL

rair coins

Zack's Jewelry and Coins has so many types of coins available and will accept many coins to sell.

We have over 27 variations of the Morgan Silver dollar, in years ranging from 1878 to 1913.

We also have half dollars including the Barber and Walking Liberty.

Another popular coin product is the Buffalo Nickel and Liberty Head Nickel. Other currency includes a $10 Gold Certificate Currency Note.

Zack's Jewelry and Coins also has Indian head pennies, Lincoln Wheat pennies, peace silver dollars, standing liberty quarters, Bust quarter dollar, and many other types of coins.

Our collection is continually growing and changing as products get sold and brought in. If you have a coin you would like to sell, bring it in and we can appraise the value. We can also tell you if a coin you found somewhere else and wish to buy is being offered at a fair price.

The value of these coins is in the high hundreds of dollars, but is worth the investment for the avid collector. This also means we can offer you a nice chunk of change for coins you sell to us. We currently have our inventory available for purchase on eBay.